The Buying Process

Once you have decided to purchase one of our vehicles and have secured either a loan, or already have the funds, then you…

1.You must contact Unlimited Autosports before you do anything on eBay, Auto Trader, For various reasons we insist upon Talking on the phone to buyers before we sell a vehicle. This will help insure the transaction goes through seamlessly, with no misunderstandings. Talking on the phone is also vital for you as a buyer, since there are lots of scams on the internet.

2.During phone conversation buyers Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address is collected by Unlimited Autosports.

3.Buyer receives an email from Unlimited Autosportss. This email will contain a Bill of Sale, and other necessary paperwork.

4.Buyer must print out this paperwork, sign it, then fax it back to Unlimited Autosports. NOTE:  When the buyer faxes back the paperwork they are agreeing to buy the vehicle. Once we get the paperwork faxed to us we will mark it as “sale pending” and will not sell it locally. Because we will be turning away other perspective buyers, we strongly encourage you to not request paperwork until you are sure you want to buy the vehicle.

5.Once paperwork is received, we will contact you to set up either delivery, or a pick up date. NOTE: Your vehicle is now ready for delivery/pick-up. The vehicle can be picked up at our facility for shipping during normal business hours, or can be picked on an appointment basis. If you are flying in town to get vehicle we can pick you up at Tampa International Airport(TPA) for free. If you would like Unlimited Autosports to arrange shipping of your vehicle then let your salesrep know.

6.Buyer secures funds either through one of our Financing Institutions, or on their own. NOTE: If you are not getting a loan through us, you will NEED to have a CASHIERS CHECK made out to Unlimited Autosports.

7.Transaction completed, and depending on what state you live in title work processed started.